Im asking for prayers for my friend.  There are married man. And man trying to intervene. In her marriage and in her personal life.  So god can intervene. Also. She is married. They have kids together. But due to a big. Chaos and distractions and destruction. Lies and jealousy and pointi g fingers and bitterness they bern forced to seprate by also the law. Who lied on them both.  We have tried to get him home to her but. Things been getting worse.    She and her husband been also. Dealing with toxic friendships toxic. Parents and toxic places people and toxic. Things. On both sides the devil had been working there.  And we Need god to move mountains for them. And there children’s and dog.   She has no family. Real friends. To help her or support. Both of them. all they hear f from all them is advices and. Negatively. And faults and. Pointing fingers.  They helped. Them supported and. Helped.  With opened doors.  But. All they doing is getting away with it.  And god needs to intervene and. Bring them all to jutice even they got a tocic landlord and. His helpers  we are praying for them so they dont suffer.  For others more.   They been suffering for them all there lives even there girlfriends and there wifes family ect they both and there kids don’t deserve it.   Its there turn. To. Come out.   God needs to. Teach them all lessons they.   Been living.  There whole lives under neath. Them.    Its time god. To.   Get up. And take vengeance for them. So that. They can learn.  How cruel and. How horrible they are all was and is to them. We tried to everything me and my friend. And her husband but. They also.  Believe they did more for them. That  not true. At all.     They made my. Friend and her husband.    Look like they. Problems that there. The enemy’s.     They all made it seem like they are liers.   Made up false. Claims. That’s not even true.    Bad companies. Got her husband in trouble.  Now Hes.    Suffering. There. Consequences.    And there bad habits.    My friend she is also suffering there. Bad habits and there mistakes and there.   Bad. Poor choices.   And suffering. Both there parents.  Toxic.    Parenting.  God its not fair on.  My friend and her husband we pray that we see.      A turn around.    And. These toxic.   People.    Will reap what they sow. Please prsy for them both and childrens and dog. So there situations change. Thanks amen 

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