I would like prayers for me my husband and our childrens. and dog. Our situations are getting worse things haven’t improve we are dealing with toxic people places and things we are also dealing with toxic parents. Both. Sides and dealing with toxic families we are also dealing with toxic friendships. Old and new friendships.   We are also dealing with.    Toxic landlords and his helpers things havent improve in our and childrens live. And dog.  We are dealing with personal issues.   We are also dealing with.  Abandoned by friends families. Parents places people and things like always.  They all getting what they wAnt.  They all. Have. So much power.  They separated us lied on us mis treated us.   Laughed at us.     They lied.  They pretended to be our friends to get what they wanted and wants.     I pray that god.   Will. Take care of them.     Its not the first time we been through this before.    God been. Silent.  And we tried everything nothing worked.  All there words and all. Against ours.    There cruel liers theifs and useres and.  Broke a hapoy home.  And.  My husband. Is suffering from there lies and all as i am and my childrens and our dog as well.  Please pray that this shall pass.   Its been like this.   So god van turn it around.  For us so we may.  Runite again.  Its been tough on both of us.    Thsnk you and god bless. 

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