Lacking. Devine

 I would like prayers for.   A friend. Lacking.     Getting around places.    With out transportation.  For her and her children 

  1. S she don’t know anyone.    Shes new were she. Moved to.     So god can bring them devine healing and devine helpers.  Everyone she meets. End up.  Want sexual reationship with her. Or. Just want to intervene. In her personal life.         Shes been.   Abamdoned by. People there and.  Used her snd all.      So god can change her.  Life around.    She is nit happy what others done.  Eveeyone. Around her.  Outs her down. Because she stays at home ect.   But its nit her fault.   Is her parents.     Pointing fingers. And throwing what they all did for them.   Controlling. There lifes.    She tries to tell them but they dont wanna listen. They a rather do what they want.    They think they had there kids.   They cant enjoy being parents.   They deal with toxic grandparents.     . .  Not letting. Her enjoy. Being a mom. Or her life. Sense they. Offered her. To help they have changed. They. Gotten worse towards her and her  boyfriend.    This situation been many years before they were forst time parents. They both are amazing first time parents. But. There. Kids grandparents.  Think they had them.   Also they are complaining about helping them. Due to a situation been happening but they. Bring the past. To them.   And all.  My friend.  Need Jesus. To.  Stop becouse they arent there for them. Instead. There being the problems in there life’s thank you god bless 

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