please pray for repentance great repentance for how immoral My Brothers Living even though he says he’s married he still needs to know the word he still needs to understand that his decision-making and sometimes it doesn’t make sense and don’t do it and I would appreciate it if you would have had the knowledge on how to speak properly and know the word and maybe counsel me before making decisions regardless of his age the same for my sisters I would have so much appreciate it that they would have that biblical knowledge of making decisions maybe know how to cancel me when I need help so I am trying to forgive and also my mom and my dad and I’m struggling with my daughter because she’s out of the house much of it is influencer for this man that no one really thought of much and the soon he came into the my life the more like I already was happy to see him like introducing to him I think now it’s dumb and I really am influenced by those stupid people he brought into my house too I don’t want them around me so please pray for me because I can’t stand the situation anymore I don’t want this man in my life anymore he’s so selfish in he’s abusive so I don’t want him in my life