Prayer request family

Please pray for this please pray for the situation that happened several years ago a mean man who said he was a pastor and the and the x e x spouse really really made efforts to bring a woman a mom to the hospital and voluntarily and Drug her with pharmaceutical medicine that man was so wicked he said here take this medicine at the hospital it was worrisome since there were two months in the hospital and the children were with this man which is really wicked at the hospital and the nurses and staff no one ever asked even at the church where she was at no one ever asked and this man was allowed free that man who said he’s a pastor is allowed to live freely and the mom was worried about the children for 2 months and this man who says he says that he’s really not a dad if he’s not acting like a spouse he’s not a dad he’s not a real dad so please pray this situation we didn’t notice at the church nobody ever mentioned it or at the community level please play that the Lord delivered this mom and the children from these two men and that that there needs to me more awareness in the hospitals about this please pray that these legal documents end up in her and her jurisdiction her courtroom and that some recompense be received by the mom by the mom