Prayer request test

Please pray as we please pray as we have observe this unhealthy relationship between a between a mom and her child and this leads in the community how this leads is that the Dad one of the dads tries to be alone too much with one of the girls so please pray that she detached from that man and that he be forced in mandated by court order to be in going to the Urgent Care and that they can take him there I’m to rehab to ER emergency and be in the hospital for a while because he is just scaring the community in which we live in this has been happening way too many years now we need to stop this we can’t have a child victimize anymore so if the mom doesn’t have a vehicle at first need to be made in the community level to get that man out in that Mom of vehicle and the children driving with that Mom knows how to drive so these officers instead of harassing please pray that they just rehab too deal with their fears whatever they’re going through for allowing their their computers don’t work this has been happening way over too much centuries now where they’re harassing good people the moms and the children for driving and so they make us so nervous that one time a child was drowned by the waters so in the community that I live in because they they just harass people and they really don’t address the real problems which I already know but I’m tired of praying about it and not getting an income so I pray for my income so let’s keep this Mighty Oaks Ministries up for profit even though it’s administrative and nonprofit we can still earn a salary so that’s what I pray I pray I’ll be bleeding prayers through this and hopefully I can get a salary soon so please pray that this child return home safely today Lord God may you hear my prayer oh God that she returned home safely today detached from that evil door who’s been harassing the mom amen oh Lord we cry out to you o God hear our prayers may you deliver a land from those people from those people that are are kidnapping our children kidnapping and abducting our children oh Lord please Deliver Us from those people that are not in a relationship with the mom and they’re kidnapping the children amen