Prayers for my education.

I write this with a very sad heart. 💔 I did not do well in my last exam or the last two exams I have taken that I have now seen the grade for and I am heartbroken. I did everything I could from praying to requesting prayers and outright trying my best and it looks like the devil has won this battle unless I can pull a miracle for my finals. I am so sad I cannot even explain it, it feels like I have been stabbed in the heart. I tried so hard and was so confident and it was taken away from me like taking a doll from a child who loves it so dearly. Some may say that I am complaining and there are worse things going on or I should feel grateful for how far I have come and yeah that may seem right in your head but right now I am not in that state of mind if I am speaking honestly. I am devastated I am defeated or partially defeated since I still have a couple more weeks left, oh God I don’t know what to do I feel weak and numb inside I feel drained. God help me. 😔 I only have a few weeks of school left to get my grades where they need to be. Please help me in any way that you can for me to succeed. Thank you.

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