Prayer for legal terminat of cases w/out a record

A strange person came up w/the inappropriate idea to place a warrant on my name once they realized they couldn’t harass or stalk me any longer. As an assault they had the courts issue it. Then when they magically appeared again – they went to the RMV to ensure that it remained on file. Jeopardizing NY ability to update my license on purpose. This was meticulously though out. I want these engrossed situations end and the person causing it to end. It is ridiculous that something like this is left unresolved after countless attempts to have it removed. For whatever reasons these stalking- harassing individuals want me in a room where they can hide their true, ilegal intentions. i pray that they never get an opportunity to come near me and their intentions are withdrawn. I want any and all legal matters pertaining to my name & information expunged. I’ve done nothing wrong. I am simple being persecuted. I’ve I’ve betrayed and brought down over greed & envious behaviors. I need prayer for these malice issues. I cannot deal or want to handle it. I’ve been left unheard and the responses are manipulative. I need strong prayers to ensure that this never happened to me again or anyone else. I need prayer. I need help in this type of delimina that I’ve chosen to walk away from. But these matters are kept open for those inappropriately strangers to have a portal to contact and stalk me. Pray for me!!! 

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