Please pray please pray at this moment that this one girl is out of her house may I don’t know how Lord God may she stop doing this going out at night and driving Lord Jesus and that she knows she should know already that she needs to be at home at early it’s not even driving past this time so please pray that the Lord May gently repent her regarding that she be restored in relationship with the Lord Jesus and for her baptismal ceremony soon away from the dad because and actually at her house with her mom is we’re going to have the ceremony God willing when her dad’s not around because he bickers too much and he’ll try to destroy relationships this man is a problem he has a house somewhere he did some kind of business deals with houses it has it the entire Community an easy about it and the woman who he negotiated what she shouldn’t even have any business in that relationship so please pray for for this situation soon it’s a this realtor has already brought problems into my life twice they are seducing men Hispanic men lose white ladies white women and getting their money from their marriage fund really so please pray that all of this scamming is a brings repentance it’s a quick Rich scam it’s not going to bring him really any money to their pocket that’s not God’s purpose through all this so please pray that you know I may have a good way to earn an income that’s not going to hurt someone but and we pray for this situation to really the girl can understand that her dad’s not right and forgive amen and that he actually that he’s not have any houses right now when the children are minor age that’s room for Disobedience and rebellion and evil stuff so please pray that any strongholds anything the Lord demolish anything any areas of legalities where he’s giving access to the devil of the family Lord God we pray repentance and that the Lord really bring us to his safe place to save abiding more for repentance were man in our family has given the devil a stronghold of place that doesn’t belong to him so we pray for my children and my grandchildren too also not to give the devil any room in our lives Lord God may we lift up the community of in this area Lord God oh with just myself really don’t need a lot of people in this we just pray at this moment really to clear up the land and clear room for theirs the devil has a stronghold in our lives Lord God Amen

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