Prayer request

Prayer request please for for this mom who injured abuse from this person he keeps saying nonsense things such as keep saying nonsense that I can’t even say for prayer so it’s it’s he’s lacking respect for herself for others around him and like himself for my mom and my dad so I’m thankful that go through this my parents are still of good health and I pray for their counseling that they’re going to be going through and also for their a small little ceremony for marriage so the man is MBS he has grown to be very envious of the wife so please pray for her and the Lord’s protection and maybe a situation that the man is doesn’t want her to grow in her Christian leadership and he’s trying to start her growth and stunt progress in a society so we pray for the Lord’s protection and I really don’t know what’s going to happen to him only God knows we prayed that the Lord help us and Deliver Us from this person because he’s been so assaultive at home and out in the community he spit it on her face and he’s demonstrating lack of reverence to God he has clear symptoms of that so this woman has not been able to go to church with their children and there we don’t want them to lose their salvation and obedience to God and we don’t want them to be looking forward to like little foolish children following that man around so please pray for us