Prayer request

 prayer request for for my car that was towed hopefully I can recover that without costing me and I also need a church Church van b a n a a Ford Transit hopefully not costing me high mileage or overdoing the gas but knowing and trusting in God is what I need to do with my car so please pray for that for me and it’s going to be used to commute my homeschoolers to the campus and other business affairs that are related to Ministry and work professional work legitimate work so pray God’s blessing and also that you know I am getting anxious and worried about it so hopefully I can receive that soon because if not I get anxious and worry the longer it waits the more I get anxious and worry about cuz it’s something that I need to keep the children safe from harm so please pray for this homeschool years and overcoming these sometimes little obstacles so we pray that the Lord be with us to bless this work of the ministry and to stay in the in obedience and also for an additional driver that I may need for days that I have other work so I’m praying to hopefully have my salary for employment soon too amen