Prayer request removing removing doubt in Vile iniquity through prayer

Lord Jesus do you have Lord Jesus do you have humbled Lord God may you hear our prayers today prayer request as I don’t know who is a true wife of my brother I don’t know what’s going on with him it’s very blurry now literally speaking so please play for that I have clear side of what’s happening my brother too he is prayer deep prayer of repentance he can’t just leave a woman pregnant with her son and go marry another woman and now I don’t know who’s the true wife and maybe neither one of them maybe God wants him to be set apart for him in ministry right now and accept the invitation to go to Ministry School and be just set apart a far from these from immorality so please pray for him that he be strong and continue learning and teaching eventually if it’s God’s purpose and pray that they’re not be hinders this in his life super prayer Lord God they know that you are who you are through Bible studies Lord God and hopefully that we can have a Christian connection one day where we’re Bible study and having a good relationship in the Lord Jesus Christ amen