Jehovah Adonai El Shaddai Elohim Yahweh e gba eto mi fun mi ni ibi ise mi. Gbogbo owo tio ye ki won fun mi ati ipo to ye ki nwa Oluwa gba fun mi loruko Jesu, Ki ogo yin farahan lori mi ati ise mi nipa agbara Olorun Jehovah Adonai El Shaddai Elohim. God almighty take control of this week, month year for me, my son, daughter wife, ground son and mother. 2)God let your glory sign on me, my son, daughter wife, ground son and mother. 3)God give me, my son, wife daughter, ground son and mother your divine health and healing 4)God provide for me to pay all my debts and bless me to go to Jerusalem as a pilgrimage 5)God let me be liked, loved, respect, highly honoured, and well placed at my place of work 6)God provide new profitable job for me, let my son be employed and my daughter promoted.7)God I covered all my lands  with the blood of Jesus, no one will encroach or get it from me. 8)God I covered all my properties with the blood of Jesus no thief will steal from my properties. 9)God render all my enemies, foes and antagonists useless, to nothing and powerless 10) God give me victory over all my enemies 11) God let me be known for good all over 12) God grant me travel mercies in Jesus’ name 13) God gets my benefits and my entitlements right for me at my places of work for me in Jesus name. 14Jehovah, Adonai, El – Shaddah, Elohin, Yahweh Oluwa e gba gbogbo eto mi fun mi ni bi ise mi ati ni ona mi gbogbo loruko Jesu. Oluwa). 15  )God give me, my wife and my children victory over all our enemies in Jesus name. 16) rendered all our enemies useless, powerless and to nothing in Jesus’ name 17) God give me, my son, my daughter, my wife, my grandson victory over our enemies in Jesus’ name.     

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