God’s removed this supervisor

Father God this supervisor is a threat , damaged toward the usps and damaged he got several Lookout in the station who he gave stolen time for leave on the clock still get pay not at work and 3 clerk’s who shine for him in thief’s along with several carriers since he been back revenge against the usps cause he got put off the clock before he came back stealing swipe time card delay mail calls the ones he hates and threat bitches and dog rolling his eyes like he own the usps several clerk’s that represent him in lies if oig team come in with the lie detective machine and get these high-quality towns clicks up out of this station no matter how many times you contact the area mgr on the issues problem the stealing delay mail his name calling swipe the time card he leave the station unattended atleast 3 and 4 times when he arrives go sit in his car his back un hand clerk’s got his back this supervisor towns does whatever he wants he going to get employees hurt in this station let someone come thru that gate and vreak in that station why he sit in his car or leave the parking lot and taken 3 to 4 lunch break who is the area mgr going to blame then Washington DC you are need in HOLIDAY CITY STATION USPS TO REMOVED DUJUNE TOWNS THE  SUPERVISOR 

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