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Hi I am praying for for my signs I went ahead and changed the name to ahead and change the name to reflect my legal practice and my name my personal name and also to reflect that I’m an and Juris Juris doctor please pray for my home office it’s going to be in my community and going to set it up here and it’s one of the houses I have already that I own so just have some legal work to do and hopefully it can be resolved soon and please pray the Lord’s blessing for it and thankfulness too with that I used to have my own Legal Clinic my own Clinic that I opened hopefully I can get again a clinic or see what God wants me to do I’m thankful for the opportunity and for the keys that I received and have my clinic at that time so I’m just praying at this moment you know the Lord’s purpose to Prevail in my life that can have my legal consult in the community where I live