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Hi if you may please pray for my legal situation hopefully I can get all the documents back to my children and my car titles to we used to be under my my care but then my spouse went into my belongings one day when I was at work he grabbed it I can’t believe he had that’s really ugly really to do something like that it just makes me sick and thinking of what he did why was not in the house he went in he grabbed my legal documents and my children that’s just really demoral so please pray for me I don’t want my children to fall morally there so please pray for us the children and I and my grandchildren and please pray that I received the titles of the vehicle she’s been doing this with some other guys with the cars and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles so it’s really ungodly to do this to somebody it’s poor morale poor character I don’t want to be around him anymore after that so please pray for me my personal safety my child’s right now he managed to get my child in the car with him so please pray hopefully the situation improves amen