Prayer request please for my Christian college and university where I can receive a seminary education in my master’s degree so just pray blessings I sometimes don’t agree with everything that’s said so I’m very having very like I want to continue so I just pray God may you work this out to bless me in the long run Lord God I know as I pursue this career path for God you may bless me Lord God in financial and monetary ways with a secured employment let it be not my will but the Lord’s purpose in my life to Prevail so so there are so many different degree plans to consider and I just pray Lord may you just do the power of your Holy Spirit just continue leading me in the right direction I I do not want to be overwhelmed so I just pray Lord and may you provide the tuition Lord God that I can I need you Lord Jesus and may you provide the things that I need to be successful in my Christian Journey Lord Jesus Christ and also pray for my children eventually I pray that this is a secure campus online that it is secure for me and younger children too and I myself am enjoying it so please pray for my homeschool also to be able to work on college backpacks and college folders going to be doing a lot of that as we get income so hopefully and praying Lord and doing our work and due diligence to bring in that income I pray blessings for the campus and that it be kind and understanding with the people there not only what their sound Doctrine the sound Doctrine which I’m thankful because I’m learning Christianity Lord Jesus so I’m really thankful for that and it’s free tuition Lord and I just pray you continue to be like that Lord Jesus worm that overwhelmed and hoping to live a to receive some kind of income salary soon

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