Marriage. Friendships. Family. Struggles daily life

Hi i would like. Prayers for my marriage. For my husband to return home he is facing.  Trails and tribulations and the devil has planted.    In his life.       They are.    Breaking our family. Home.    With lies and  confusions.   Our Children’s are also. Being delayed in life.   We are being used.  By friends that we helped and been supported to. The devil has been using them. To. Fight against us.    The devil. Also is using our parents amd family against us. Its a cycle that never ends.     I am hurt and disappointed. In all this.   Happening.  Against us.       We are stuck in this unlawfulness and. Make Believe.  Things and.  Fake friendships. Around us. And fake. Supports amd fake. Helpers. Nothing is working in our life’s but. Chaas amd dramas and.    Jealousy around us.  No matter how.  We are honest amd all is never enough for them. Its what they want and feel. They all trying to. Gain control. Pitting the other down.   They all never wanted to do anything with us friends family. Loved ones.  Bht now we have kids they all wana be involved.    We also need a break through for our. Finances and.  Spiritual life’s    a Spiritual break through. Me and my husband been threw a lot in our journey and my marriage is.   Dealing with.  Temptations of adultery. And the devil using anything and everyone to stand against our Marriage and against. Us. All we want to do. Is. Enjoy being parents and enjoy our life’s. With out everyone. Trying to.   Be jealous.   And all we want him is to come home and.  To god visit me my marriage and our home and our children’s and dogs and our life’s.    The devil been using man and married man and. Married woman to. Attack and.   Break our marriage up the devil is using the wrong friendships and wrong. Places and things. And people to.  Use it against us. Its nothing but gossips and. Stops in our life’s. The devil using our own pasts against. Us And pry and details against to give false hope. We are.  We want god to intervene in this. Situation that we are facing. And to remove bad companies and bad friends and things that arent of god in both and our children’s life.  We walked in dark place for. A long years till now.  We have suffered for Everyone’s mistakes and lies.  And Everyone’s hard ache now its our turn to. Shine. And. Its our turn.  They all had there turn.       

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