For Protection family and my sons and home

please pray for us  because  a used to be friend name c, of my want to blackmail him  of 200n to 300 dl just said  some word to  girl name i this want free money,so  i so did whole story call a dispacher sent  car around the area  2 day ago  saw gray car  parked across my home in vacant lot, so  this peroson name c sent a  picture of gun to  my son so , i dont know when this person is going to come  while were sleep  1 am to 6 am central timeor what? i am 3yr widow my 2 sons,  I dont need situation right Bless all  you who are praying for us  andin and out our home  family  when ever we are.  pray 24/7 IN Jesus Christ  Amen

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