hi I sent out something the Lord really place in my heart to do and to to have no more or do our best to have no more children minor children and even older and women that are Hispanic race in the area that I live in the state that I live really just drive to stop this violation of our rights such as owning property such as earning a salary such as not being discriminated so I heard a story report on a little girl that was raped and her dad found her and I really want to go pray that this not be the case anymore that really the law really needs to be to protect the moms and the children to protect our moms employment to protect our children’s employment so that each child can have a school a homeschool in a community in their school that they can easily walk to without being hurt or violated regardless of how they dress regardless it should not matter of course you’re not going to dress provocatively but sometimes it’s a matter of the one is nervous and also it’s a matter of the financial situation so I just pray this for the community that I live in to start there and that the Lord can really provide those tools for me what I need the resources to get this going and he has been so I’m very grateful for that so that’s what the Lord placed in my heart God I’m getting a lot of Oppression and also cuz I don’t have employment right now and I’m also getting and I have my degree already which is good but some people don’t they don’t care so pray that that will change really that will change in this area that the Lord’s bringing out in you areas and then we can get to immigration immigration law so pray that the Lord can do good things through good people and not let injustices go away cuz I did have someone take out my children from my home and I’m not happy with that when someone takes out of my children on my home without my permission some in-laws X and loss so please pray that they you know they’re not going to get away with doing that no they’re not so sometimes I need to fast and pray to make sure that I myself do not commit Injustice again someone I’m very careful I try to be so we need I still don’t have my my video cameras where I can record and do live shows so I hope and pray for that too I’m getting a lot of impression from that I’ve been I’ve been getting a few like resistance from my tendency refusing to move I have work to do I haven’t received a salary from a while to place that that change that my salary really the tenant salary the rent money was for me to receive a salary I haven’t received it so please pray that the man I married he’s like refusing to pay my salary so please pray that that may change the Lord really work in their lives to clear up some of this land to do some good rather than what is that word it’s I’m still going to receive a salary that we may not lose hope in God’s purpose amen