Financial increases in any and all situations

Over the past 3 years and presently. I am having a series of financial issues. Up and down. Bumpy roads. Unable to sustain employment due to drama from an Attorney. I need relief from such situations. I’d like a prayer to make it impossible for this person to bother or have contact with me at my homes or workplaces. Or access any personal information belonging or pertaining to me. I’d like a deep rooted prayer, to make it impossible for me to ever suffer through these inharmonious bumpy roads again.. I’d like prayer for a smoother sailing in all matters and that I am well tempered. Remaining calm when flare and disagreements take place. I also ask that God removes me from any diffcult harsh dealing in the near future. To lighten my load. I am exhausted. We all are exhausted. I ask for healing and for any awful noises to be put to rest or silenced. 

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