World prayer and some for me

My last prayer for a min is that God would heal the waters the air the land the animals and make it fruitful and take all the poison out especially in the USA and that we would have plentiful harvest with fruits veggies healing plants and male and female animals so we can have more than enough for everyone on the planet in Jesus name amen Our father in the name of Jesus Christ we come asking you to make job 20:15-18 over every believers in the world and their families for you have given us power over Satan and all the works of darkness we. Command him to cough up vomit up and loose all our blessings and possessions in Jesus name be it marital glory finances businesses our purpose calling and destiny in the body of Christ our children our homes vehicles and any assets we ask you to bless each of us and restore lord and a 7 fold increase lord we thank you in advance for making it so in our finances our business our marriages our children and everything that concerns the women in agreement and their family’s in this group and I ask you to set a table for each of us in front of our enemies that no evil can touch or block and I seal it in the blood of Jesus amen And also for me personally to get married and 12(3girls 9boys)babies at once with supportive friends and family and for me and all babies to be healthyand with hearts minds and souls to serve Jesus from the womb