World wide prayer for the kingdom

In the Authority of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and by the power of the blood I bind and cast out the spirits of Bondage , seduction , perversion , lies , pride, envy , deaf and dumb spirits, spirits of witchcraft, infirmities , fear , death and Antichrist .
Father if it’s your will send the restrainers to restrain hand and foot The principalities and rulers in second heaven,The sons of iniquity.( Acteus, Megalesius, Ormenus , Lycus, Nicon, Mimon, Lucifer ,Behemoth
Minos, Asmodeus ,Bael ,Lilith
Horus ,Amon Ra ,Amaymon , Easter
Pythro, Argeus, Malphas , Halphas, Paimon, Orien, Zimmerman, Abezethibod, Dis , Pazuzu, Baron Samedi, Papa Legba,
Baron criminael, Beelzebub,Beliel ,
Gamigin,Raum ,Lepaca,Amducious,
Azazel,Gortheil,Orinias,Qmetiel,Mammon ,
Qalittu,Tohu, Shax ,Birtu, Edom, Sarra ,Utifa ,Preaches,Ormion ,Omet ,Holba,Eniuri,Tachan,Zagalo,Samalo,Pellipis,
Roggiol,Oman ,Loriol,Guagamon,Diron
Darokin, Abahin, Damoyn, Verthrot, Urrnok,Morgon ,Vine ,Flereous, Belphergor ,and Akanef, )
return to the abyss to await Judgement.
Holy spirit release divine revelation , healing and spiritual guidance in Jesus name Amen! Lord I ask that you would do this for everyone on earth every Christian and even those who have not yet come to know you and love you in Jesus name amen