Twofold request

I am almost 60 and fully disabled. 
I live in an elderly and disabled building. 
People above me have an excessively noisy child.. They are ‘guests’ of the tenants but have been here for over a year. They DO NOT watch the child and he runs all day screaming pounding and completely unattended. The child is neglected and more than likely abused. 
My disability of CPTSD is much much worse and i have documentation from Drs stating so. I don’t want to make any more trouble in the child’s life so I have not been very open to calling social services but what we hear highly suggests physical abuse, the baby is already emotional abused and neglected (he has been seen wandering around unattended by himself outside several times) and probably physically abused. 
I am suffering as a result of the noise but am also asking for prayers for the child. 
He is not watched and it breaks my heart to know he is in danger so much.
I do not know what to do at this point. I need guidance. He needs prayer. PLEASE do not publish my email thank you.

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