Thank you for making me the Westside messenger

Father God above the universe. Your name is amazing and just. We are your creation. Please make our nation your children. You made sure we will not see death. Give us the joy to live and let live, and not be jealous that ones job is less Admirable than mine. Forgive me Father that I don’t see the importance in this you were doing. Because I felt singled out. I called upon Satan to stop the messaging. Will you please have mercy on me and let me part with cash tonight by 7:00pm. I need to see that me being in a unhealthy relationship matters. Satan said do it..I’m a woman. Please and thank you. May I please be excused from being one minded. I’m going to have faith that its going to be here for sure. The people here in Roseburg have been making me think it was coming, for 9 days. Thank you Jesus for protection and my money. I love you and good job using a wench like me. Lol. Amen

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