Son’s release from Mexican jail

Please pray for my son Josh. His childhood friends from the USA were living in Mexico, where they had a successful business. They convinced my son to join them. Long story short, he begin to see that it was not really a good situation and was trying to just leave and come back home. Before he accomplished getting back home. The friends business was raided by the police, my son was taken into the wilderness and basically tortured and threatened by the police for information on the friends. He did not have the kind of information the police were wanting. The police were not able to capture the two individuals that were in charge of the company, so my son is being charged with false stuff that he was not in charge of. The sentencing is coming up in the next few weeks. Please pray that the judges and prosocutors will see that this was not my son’s doing that he was only a employee trying to earn his keep. Please pray that on sentencing they will just deport my son back to the states and not sentence him to many years in Mexican jail. He should not be the one paying for the crimes of others. Please, Please pray my son gets back home.

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