serious prayer request

Beloved brothers and sisters,

My name is Richard and I am in the process of becoming a monk when I found out about the revival fire that started, first in Asbury and then throughout campuses in the US. Congratulations on starting the spreading out of the revival fire throughout the world and offering a prayer request. 
This message contains of three parts of which I ask you kindly to share it with all the revival fire friends. The first part is a double prayer request. Second, are links related to come to a good decision about why there is a need to pray. And finally an example of the friends of the children of Myanmar linked here and to help make their song a real big hit. The children of Myanmar and Gen Z are the future of Myanmar and desperately need our help.
I ask you to join me in prayer for the children of Myanmar, their friends and relatives, in the past, present and future, for democracy, rule of law, human rights and children´s rights, through the forgiveness of sins to Mary, the holy sheep, the holy spirit, God, Jesus, Joseph, the church, the community of saints and all the angels. 
I also ask you to join me in prayer for the Buddhist monks, -nuns, male lay followers, female lay followers, monk and nuns to be, and the Buddhist LGBTTQ2SE community, and their friends and families, in the past present and future, for the forgiveness of sins, to Mary, the holy sheep, the holy spirit, God, Jesus, Joseph, the church, the community of sains and the angels. 
The sources linked below are not from today or last week, but the children of Myanmar are in need because 2500000 children displaced, 8 million children can no longer go to school, 380 children were killed (by bullits), 142 children were reported tortured, as a direct result of the coup. 
250000 children displaced, two years under military rule
8 million children are no longer in school
380 children being killed, 142 children tortured, Tom Andrews warns of a lost generation
165 children killed in 2022
Extra links show air strikes, systemic torture and extended state of emergency throughout the country where the bravest counter it with silent strikes on human rights day. 
Silent strike throughout the country on human rights day, last year
Aerial bombing in Chin state
Systemic torture
Extended state of emergency Tom Andrews
Below are two links why Buddhist LGBTTQ2SE community who are known for their demonstrations, consider themselves hated. 
Why Myanmar hates LGTTBQ2SE community members 
Funeral of gay man in Myanmar bullied to death
Well this is the second good part and and example of the friends of Myanmar, the 
Chinlung chuak artists, with their song we are the world. Chin have reasons to feel religiously persecuted. Please take some time to think out how to help this make a BIG hit for everyone to hear.
Something about the Chin State from a chin news network
Singers supported, when possible, with their original music qualities
BBC news coverage of the song in Burmese
Thank you,
Gen Z and the children are the future of Myanmar and together with the Buddhist community do we need your prayers during these times of darkness, 

Richard X

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