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Please pray for my 25 year old daughter who now says she doesn’t believe in God, the Bible or the devil.  A little over a year ago her dad was murdered by one of his family members.  It was very shocking and unexpected.  Prior to that my daughter believed in God and had tried sharing her beliefs with her dad, who adamantly and abruptly cut her off and told her that not only did he not believe in Jesus, but that if she continued coming around to share her faith in God that she would no longer be welcomed at his home. She feared for her dad’s soul and expressed it on more than a few occassion’s. To make matters worse, at the time of her dad’s passing they were not talking.  She feels tremendous guilt about not talking to her dad. She feels even worse because she said she doesn’t know where he is.  She’s very aware of what the Bible says about those who reject Christ and I know that she believes that there’s a very real possibility that her dad is in hell.  I feel so badly for her mental anguish. I believe that in order to deal with her thoughts and feelings about her dad, she chooses to now not believe. It breaks my heart because I cannot imagine how she must be feeling.  I know that God is with her and had He not been keeping her heart and her mind, there’s no telling what type of shape she would be in mentally.  Please pray that she finds peace and comfort in her heart. Only God can help reconcile her thoughts and feelings about where her dad is spending eternity.  Please pray that her heart is turned back to God and the sacrifice of His Son to atone for our sins. Please pray for our Heavenly Father to give her joy that only trusting and abiding in Him can bring. Her name is Asia.  Thank you and God Bless 

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