School supplies school supplies

I I still do not have all the school supplies that I need for my homeschool so please pray for my homeschoolers needs such as computers books and the students and the mom Educators please pray for us as school supplies and textbooks teachers manuals teach the students and also for them to learn and teach I’ll be teaching government history this year so I need to prayer that’s going to be my main focus so you may just pray and also through this I will be working on other things throughout the school year so I just need to pray for a blessed productive year and I’ll be managing my finances getting freed from Marriage finances and managing my own finances and I possibly I’m so I need prayer for my legal practice in my own legal practice firm so it’s a very rewarding and I hope to see more of that income come in and drawing my own checks for my business so I just need prayer that all of this be legitimately done any court orders if I need them for my work and my textbooks my books that I’ll be writing