My Ministry

 I need prayer please please pray me pray for my salary from the college I pay property taxes for my housing and my my property and that I lease out so I pray property taxes so please pray that I may continue praying my property taxes but at least some kind of acknowledgment from the government that I’m paying my taxes everything’s been under a spouse’s name that has a strange relationship with me and has caused very much conflict in his own life and we just need to clear some legal ground for this person so he can be away from us for a while so we need just prayer that the social apps and websites not invade my infrastructure so a lot of this is from the college and this person who was harassing me at a young age at work and I didn’t follow him he feels like I followed him but I was already a college student there and he’s trying to destroy evidence which has been his side of the family it’s been that for a while destroy evidence to incriminate make victims so please pray that they’re at the evidence of my good deeds and my good student status and prior to this person arriving to my life so I did not follow him I was already a student there and it’s something that a student should not be saying really I shouldn’t have said that to this person because then he started to say that he was enrolled there at the college so I really don’t know if like I wasn’t influence in his life or he was really a student there already I don’t think he was I think he was not a student and he was working and that I was already enrolled student and when I said that he’s like oh I am too so I need a like not come across those people that they think they have something because they know you and they know me so it’s not like that so we just need a not be outsmarted by these people and just really be wise