Relationship restoration

Please pray for me. God promised me a husband in 2018. Two years later, I met Michael. We were together for almost three years. He left me and won’t talk to me or get back to me. His friends and family love me and even they want me to be with Michael. God, please touch his heart and help him to see me and that I’m enough and help him to accept me as I am. Please, you know all about it. Please pray Michael will come back to me, marry me, make me his housewife, and take care of me. God, I come to you in Jesus’ name. Michael said he was done with me and doesn’t want to talk to me at all. He sid to move on. He is so mad he hates me and he blocked me on Facebook. God, please intervene in this situation and soften his heart towards me. God, let your will be done in this relationship. Please put me in his thoughts, dreams, and heart, and let everything he sees remind him of me. God, please use his family and friends to help him see how he treated me was wrong and that he should come back to me. God, please help him to apologize to me and realize he is wrong for how he’s treating me. God, open his eyes and let him see that his material possessions or toys mean nothing to him and that I mean more to him than any of those things. God, please help him to become a loving family man that wants to marry me and take care of me and his future family. God, if it’s your will, work things out for us and bring Michael back to me, help him to ask me to marry him, help him to allow me to be a housewife, work with him instead of getting a different job, help him to treat me like his queen and to love me as you love me. Melt Michael’s ice-cold heart. Heal Michael and remove all sickness, the devil, and demons from his heart, body, mind, and life and heal him from head to toe. Please save Michael’s soul, and help him to stop drinking and smoking. Place a hedge of protection around him and keep him safe from those two evil women Melody and Desi. They are terrible people. They use men and cheat on them. They are evil. Remove those two from his life, heart, memories, thoughts, dreams, and life forever. Repel them away from him and anyone they know away from him. God, you know how he is and what needs to be done in his heart, and please help him to realize how he treated me was wrong and want to do better. Help Michael to treat me like his queen. I give this relationship, Michael, I give myself and all I will ever have to you. Please intervene in my relationship, Michael’s heart, mind, and life, and my heart, mind, and life. God, please send Holy Spirit to minister to Micahel and make him a better man and if it’s your will, bring him back to me and make him my husband. God, please move quickly. Please don’t let it take years, months, or weeks but let it be in days. I know I’m not alone and I have you but I need a helpmeet. I want a family of my own and nobody can help me but you. I give this all to you and beg you for an instant miracle. Please help us. God, you know all about it. Please help! I ask in Jesus’ name. Lord, we need you. God, help him to love me more than he ever loved his ex’s and want to take care of me like he wanted to take care of the women who used him. Like he took care of the one he gave half his paycheck to. Help him to see he needs to treat me way better than he did and help him to accept me as I am. Help him to come back to me and become my husband. Help him to be the man I need him to be and become my husband and provider. I ask in Jesus’ name.

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