As Fabi and me (Monish) are coming to the year-end I wanted to give a quick summary (praise reports) and then share some prayer requests as we are getting ready to enter a new year. I believe in prayer warriors (intercessory prayer) and the power it has in our lives. I am hoping you would join us spiritually in this journey, and cover us in prayers.

Praise Report: The year started with both of us going through our journey alone. We had a lot of pain, trauma, bad habits/ friendships, relationship issues, anxiety, fear, unforgiveness, and much more that stemmed from childhood issues and past relationships. Through a lot of prayers, counseling, and classes lot of those things have been dealt with and replaced with good changes. We could not have done it without God’s guidance, and Him working through us.

Later on, Fabi and I became best friends. Fabi accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. We dated for a little and then after lots of prayer and confirmations, we then decided to be committed, exchanged rings, and made a covenant with each other to spend the rest of our lives together. We are now working on building a future and home together. We know God has a purpose and will use us in mighty ways. We have my daughter (Grace) from my previous marriage. We would like to have kids of our own as well. Fabi does have something called PCOS which could prevent us from having kids. However, I know our God is a miracle worker and can still bless us with kids. So, praying and believing in God’s will and favor to be done.

Prayer Request: There are still things we can work on and make improvements to be stronger individuals and couples in Christ. Some things to mention would be the removal of any bad friendships, and excessive use of social media that are causing distractions to our purpose. All financial debt ($25,000) will be paid in full, and to have financial freedom thereafter. May we find joy in being vulnerable to each other, always. May we love unconditionally (agape love) and make sacrifices for each other, whenever necessary. May we be quick to forgive and never keep accounts of wrongdoing as it says in 1 Corinthians. May we always be intentional and prioritize each other after Christ. May we continue to be a couple that prays together. May we practice great communication skills. May we grow to be equally yoked in all areas of our lives, and be fruitful (Song of Solomon 3:4 and Matt 19:6).

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. So, we will grow and reach out to many and share God’s goodness and grace through our lives and testimony. Praying and believing in faith that 2023 and the coming years will be fruitful years for us. We will water, prune and enjoy the journey and become stronger daily. Our strength will come from Christ Jesus to endure all things, and He will be proud of us and our generations.

May God bless you and your families this coming year/s as well.

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