Provision provision

  • We need prayer please for just asking God for our daily bread and also for clothing food we need food we need healthy food not social welfare food I need to pay for my own food and also I need to buy my own clothing that’s how I lived not out of people but I need employment I just want to ask the Lord I really haven’t purchase the clothes as I had before marriage now I’m having to wait once a year to buy clothes this man told me not to worry about my children and just to care for me and that’s really a lie of the doctor also Lie from that false Pastor the false doctors really witchcraft what the Bible teaches so I just need to pray for my clothing and to continue providing for my children clothing this man did not even shop for his clothes I had no idea where he shoved for his clothes he went to possibly Walmart saw you and now since he’s seen where my dad goes and I go he started shopping at our stores and he’s turning abusive so I close the flood the flat Gates place to my blessing to him we used to go also with my parents out to eat have a good dinner meal and the man started to get in prayer and pretend to be praying and pretending to be good because after that after marriage I started to feel that again my parents were not good people which is a life from this false person who sacked when high school she invaded my life with harassment of my religion so he would pretend to pray or I pretended I prayed for my dinner table and then now he’s at just tell me I can eat at the dinner table with my children he’s really harassing me and I’ll pray he wouldn’t come home today or never again he really I don’t know they’re being too lenient they aren’t being too leaning and they are being too with him because he’s harassed suffered physical verbal and spiritual abuse he needs to be taken away to rehab like I’ve said I don’t want to be worried if he needs to pay child support in my salary so that was I really believe that verbal agreement that I don’t believe it anymore now I’m having to go through an attorney to get this done so please pray