Prayers for deliverance

Please pray for for my siblings and I to reach school years for the time that we were separated from each other and my parents the Lord remove any jokes through the school any empiad and anything done to my brother or my sister in those classrooms that it was in just that the Lord make them just for us I’ve always been worried about them since they were I had my youngest sister in school my mom did and I felt worried about her and my brother and a teacher found that was offended by one of my brother it was a lot happening in the house so I just need inner peace and for him wisdom and understanding and made him feel really bad what they did and accused him of as we still didn’t have a good house at that time and instead of being so accusatory they can ask I managed to get my own case management now and hopefully I can help my brother if there’s anything that needs to be done as far as income or a voucher with his employed now thankfully he has a good job but it was very hurtful for the family the offense the teacher was offended by my brother and Jesus is a student 13 year old student and they still didn’t do a lot of fairness in us our lives since they never considered the family I had a mental health problem just recently where I would only see the individual or my own siblings and after I start at work I would only have individual health treatment and then I started seeing the family at the Pastoral and it was very terrible it was a horrible sin this man but his family his people for most Salvador and he Enslaved the people and had them go and help his own family do things and he moved his mother here and it’s very hurtful for the community because a lot of us who grew up in the legal system of the United States of America or separated from our parents through this and some of us Hispanics were even I’m persecuted for our Christianity in our early years and this man just thinks now that he can get up on stage and be vocal about it and live here freely which I just need my heart closing of my heart and any roots of iniquity throughout the school years to be healed with the oils of anointing oils