prosperity and deliverance prayer request

Prophet, Please a prayer request for me specially in the area of prosperity. Iam in lack of finances and prosperity over a very long time.

Sir, I ask you for help, I have helped a lot of people, I have sown and spent around $50,000 in various ministries, but today nobody is helping me. I use to pray a lot waking up early mornings and has accumulated a lot of debts. My own children has left me because of my financial lack whom I haven’t met since many years. I feel so dejected, often frustrated to an extend where I feel sometimes to commit suicide. One side is my children, the other side is my debts, and then these evil spirits who torture me day and night, giving me 5-6 dreams in the night and financially iam in so much broke. I have prayed for a financial miracle, had been asking lords for a financial miracle so that I can buy my own house and live and see my children,  my family do not understand me and neither do help to me, I hardly pray as I have lost prayers, the lords they know iam depressed but he is delaying my financial miracle, or these evil spirits are stopping me. Iam so tired and depressed as of my own poverty where a time has now come where I cant even sow seed. Please can you and your ministries pray for me so that iam released from these evil spirits and that a financial miracle takes place. I had sent lot of prayer requests to many churchs around the world, pleading for help so that they can pray for me and I can receive a financial blessing, even when my son was leaving me, I heard angels from above to stop his movement, but then I couldn’t because iam in poverty, I cannot manage my own life, how will I be able to look after my own children, please requesting can you help me by praying for me, so that lord hears my case, my pains and cries. I need help, and if your help me, I wll never leave your ministry. Somehow, iam desperate to get out of the poverty,  I want to get out of these evil spirits and my poverty and receive prosperity. Many prophets like vessels of oil ministry and paula white ministries has sent prayed over prosperity oil, that I placed it over my bank cards and money. Many a times I smell money, but my situation of debts, lack of my own house, poverty has never changed, rather it is becoming worst day by day. Please request, if you can plead to lords my case for a financial miracle as I have been waiting for a long time.

Also, the spirits that is present, i sense they are demonic evil, monitoring spirits from hell.

Iam hearing voices from outside  when nobody is there, and they also give me body pains. One thing iam sure  they are actually  my enemies, evil/satanic spirits and they are blocking my progress. I don’t know if they are my  ancestral spirits or is  generational curses, or witchcraft  or somebody has prayed over me by use of hindu temples or goliath spirits, however, they are evil in nature, they give me physical pains and day as well as in  night they give me bad dreams, and Iam always  in lack and poverty of finances with huge debt, there is no prosperity in my finances, iam a born again Christian and has from long time accepted  Lord as my saviour,  this spirits that are present on me are actually monitoring spirits who monitor me day and night, please pray for me that  I can be released from these monitoring spirits because I can sense that there is financial miracle waiting to be released for  me, thank you..

Monitoring Spirit is a weapon of witchcraft attack that manipulates its victim to disrupt his life, by making him miss his blessings, vulnerable to ill-luck, failure and frustration. The plight of the victim of monitoring spirit can be explained as that of a person that has a rope tied to one of his legs. Anytime he makes a move, the rope is pulled and he falls down and is unable to progress. It is also like a situation of remote control of the victim’s life. The button for zero point is pressed anytime he approaches a position of progress and that makes him to fall.

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