Prayer request prayer request

Please pray for my aunt who passed away her Ministry her Legacy just still continue through her son adopted son she was here placed on Earth with one marriage she never conceived had a natural childbirth and her husband didn’t either they chose early in their life to adopt a child and through both of their lives we saw I saw her live a single life of respect to her parents and caring for her parents and also raising a child that’s not her own biological son but she adopted him and showed him respect and she also married him before she passed away and she left three granddaughters so this is my dad’s sister biological sister so we very much do it seem her and I just pray for her to continue her Legacy and her son’s life and her adopted son’s life and the family too that somehow the Lord can just minister to us and how there’s so much like Legacy in each one’s family that I don’t know how to put all this together so only God can I pray amen