Please pray for my work I have a few legal status clients that I am working on immigration with I still don’t have it all together as I don’t have my employee handbook it hasn’t been mailed to me neither my neither my book for my business for policies and procedures I’m still waiting for it so just ask for prayer meeting while I wait to wait for the official papers for my business hopefully they are mailed to me in my mail box and not taken or confiscated so please pray for the Lord’s protection for my mailbox to be delivered I still have the tenants there so I’m always constantly worried if I’m going to receive my mail or not somehow too much of the church influence in their life and they think it’s theirs it’s not it’s the property owners really so Lord I just put this worry in place today in the palm of your hands through this ministry and I pray for you to do your work Lord God if you may please work in my favor amen

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