Prayer request prayer

Prayer request for my children and I as this dad has been spending too much alone time and quiet time with the children alone in the car quietly it’s really getting me nervous and it’s also kind of uneasy with the children they sometimes don’t know everything or sometimes they’re quiet about it they don’t want to say it so please pray for us my children and I that we can stay soon likes completely know that he shows save morally right and he just goes out in the community and and pretends to be a good person but he’s not he’s a psychopath really I’m going to say that yesterday he attacked me verbally he’s been saying things uncontrollably absurd that I won’t dare to say that those words I just asked the Lord please cleans us from this and that pray and hope that his cursing words intentionally to people and my family that they not hurt us oh Lord God we pray that the Lord bring a shield of faith in the Lord’s protection of these children and I and that we consume be delivered from this man he is not he’s just not going to change as much as I prayed already and I tried you can keep having faith in prayer but we just really need Lord divine intervention to separate this man from my house and my family oh Lord God Amen