If you may please pray for the situation urgently where this man has been taking the children out of the house without mother’s consent it is terrible he’s he’s cursing sometimes and we just pray the Lord God bring this man down it’s terrible he was in a college teaching which I have no idea how I have no whatsoever thinking it’s possible but he was out there and I feel somebody could get hurt either as a sexual offender Lord God we just pray that this man come down oh God we don’t want innocent children or even moms or with youth whatever age it is a woman out there he’s that woman in his classroom he doesn’t speak very respectfully if people much less that woman student and he’s talking to other woman business people and they’re just taking money out of him so we pray that all that scamming at the college level Stop in the Name of Jesus Christ we pray that the church officials or someone will bring that man down and maybe the force him to go to rehab and be away from the children we pray for the my vehicle to be returned to my house safely with all my legal titles and documents safely and that those we could buy a car shop that took my income that they return it they returned my check salary from that claim they’ve been taking out already like 2 to 3 accidents way too much that woman does sorcery from the pulpit so we pray also for a solution to this Facebook media’s profile I don’t know it’s not working out good for me because I just don’t stop praying and hoping the Lord can allow time to solve some of the issues amen