Prayer request for my children

Please please pray for me this for me this weekend to really ease any tension and anxiety and worries and that my children can stay home here without being out of the community so much I just pray that I just get a hold of them soon and that I can really get some good listening good teaching done this weekend I saw some books some eBooks on the eye and it was a little bit too graphic or I don’t know if I’m too like if I feel too much and I internalize what I read so much that I started getting really like thinking so much about my orbital eye I was looking at my reading my medical books so I can just have some prayer please I don’t want to be overwhelmed by this I still never had a good eye doctor check it was too invasive too much I did do a I check on one of my students for a Time it went very good it was not invasive and it was a community school to public school still the school has not got in touch with me this weekend so I just need prayer for two but the Lord just revealed to me how what am I supposed to do there’s really no contact with at school and I still need my car and my keys my house keys and the Necessities I need to live so I just need to pray and wait for God to respond kindly request amen