Prayer request for a child

Please pray for me this for this moment I hope and pray that I can still homeschool my child this year and that she can willingly participate and that she can understand it’s best for her and I and it helps us spend time together pray for my other child for her to abstain from soccer is starting to be a ba I don’t know it’s just interfering with the house and relationships my son had a low grade and some classes and he has to make up so I just need prayer hopefully my one of my daughters can understand that she needs to be accommodating to The Homeschool schedule whereas just going out to play sports it’s just too much I haven’t been to grocery shopping so please pray that I may return grocery shopping and driving soon and just for God’s planning in my business it seems to I’m just waiting for the finances again I can I have some success this week so I just pray for continuous success in the finances blessings and provision for finances amen