Prayer fro Healing, Restorations and Proclamation

Prayers for my aunt Doris as she continues to go through the healing process.  Prayers for my parents, Earnest and Fayetta, my little brother, Michael, for complete physical healing, and for my closest friend Bilinda for the complete recovery and healing of her body.  Prayers for my two sons so we can spend time with them.  Prayers for the DA not to file a case against me, (Martin) and that I will be able to get my driver’s license back. Prayers for my friend, Kim, that she will be closer to GOD.  Prayers so I will be closer to GOD and for the direction of the Holy Spirit in my life.  Prayers for continued total submission in my life to Christ.  Prayers for my ex-wife, Amanda as well as her family. Prayers for the people in Turkey.  Prayers for our country, this nation is in so much need. And if there’s anything I didn’t mention or I forgot, Jesus Christ has already interceded on my behalf to the Father which art in Heaven. In Jesus name, we pray, and we believe, Amen

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