Prayer for usps in memphis tn

Father God 2022 have been a very very stressful year despite the lost of love ones in east Lamar past years now 2022 dealing with mental supervisor delays mail stops scan swiped time card stealing from the usps supervisor called employees out of their name workplace fighting supervisor entertainment his clicks that he been stealing time for calls certain employees bitch and dog then want to talk about church oh my his revenge when he takes overtime out of the system before now he back with hate hostile towards employees he hates Father’s God is upper management fault why this mgr is still here stealing adman lv that never been awarded never carry out 3 grievance that was won in 2022 for angry mgr class Oh God alerted postmaster general Mr Dejoy on the issues in this city by the grace of God MOVED DUJUNE TOWNS OUT OF THIS USPS BEFORE HE HURT SOME OF THESE EMPLOYEES 🙏 

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