Prayer for removal of my girlfriend’s misery and invitation of financial abundance

Dear wellwisher,
I look up to You with great hope for healing of my dear ones. My heart pains as I write this. Please pray for removal of my girlfriend Koyel Dhara’s misery. She is a daughter of a widowed single mother with one sibling, who is favoured by the mother. She is mentally abused and neglected all the time. From her job, she has nothing to save for herself and everything goes to the family. The sibling works but doesnt contribute to the family blatantly saying that he won’t. Koyel is the one who takes care of everything and is the sincere one in the family. The mother is loveblind, inclined towards her spoilt son and accepts everything he says. I humbly do my 200% to be with her, supporting her in all ways possible. Only because of my financial restrictions, am I not able to stay together with her. The ways of Koyel’s family are to burden her while they enjoy, live their lives. This is domestic abuse. Can You please pray for Koyel’s complete healing,removal of misery and upliftment of her financial situation so that she can enjoy limitless abundance herself, casting off burdens?
Goldmine of Good be Yours Too!
Love You All Truly

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