Prayer for my family

Lord God u prayed humble for my family from the heart humble myself as best I know how it’s me fathers God it’s me lord’s fathers help us help my nephew oh God he not a bad child he just honestly made some mistakes we all do please please find in your heart forgive him bring he home safely he try so hard to take care his baby boy and his baby girl but his girlfriend and her mom who find hate and jealous in their hearts don’t want him to be with his two little babies they feel that the state can support them so she his girlfriend fall in the step like her mom if only people knew you God they body is a living sacrifice it’s belongs to God’s you don’t hate people caused you don’t come from a Christian life family lord’s God brings my nephew home safe he may not be able to see his two’s babies but the good times fun love  caring and support he gave his two babies supply a home with a roof over they head but because not one time can the girlfriend mother say she brought pampered food gas or pay a bill for them bur the families that took care of them the nephew family we were aloud to see them much  unless one of the nephew show us them on their cellphone but we are ok we hurt we prayed psalm 91 daily safe journey home we know God’s see its all we are ok because the God’s we serve love us and will keeps us and brings a nephew son and brother cousin back to his family hanging in there nephew God can unlock the chains and gates and brings you back home you are his child  God loves you too tears are rolling down our face sleeping night  but we pray God touch the building the city because when life is unjust and racism we need a God that bigger then man we knew that the girlfriend and her mom thought they were during stuff out of hates be we are a prayed family and we need a worldwide prayer cause of the city and the racism Lord God’s help Jahweh Elihom Lord Lord Jesus Jesus We need thee amen 🙏 with all Strength power prayer and faith amen worldwide this family need help with this family we are hurting and lost we can’t give up God brought us to far we hanging in there’s by faith the girlfriend and her mom don’t know the pain and hurts they have caused us yes lord’s we forgive them for they don’t know you like we do God’s we love you for this battle is not mine but the Lord Father we are calling on all the Elders of the church we need Strength peace right now our hearts is heavy but we can’t give up nephew you be home safe and soon by Grace’s of God’s 

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