Prayer for God Children

In Jesus Christ name I ask that everyone in your church pray this prayer, before you say this prayer bow your heads and pray, in Jesus Christ name
I ask you to allow the Holy Spirit to abide in me and I to be allowed to abide in the Holy Spirit Amen
Glory be to our Heavenly Father, Glory be to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, Glory be to the Holy Spirit, Glory by to Mary Virgin Mother of God
In Jesus Christ name I pray and ask Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit to minister to every baby in America that is in a neonatal intensive care unit.
Fill them with the Holy Spirit, assign them one of your Angles to be at their side to light, guard, rule and guide them their whole lives despite their
Environment. Let your Holy Spirit abide in them, let them abide in your Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit with in every baby, God will prevail soon, then latter.
I bow my head before you Heavenly Father and also ask in your divine Sons Name Jesus Christ, that you send your Holy Spirit to guide the churches in America
That teach your Holy word, without secular satanic appeasement to unite in giving Glory to our Heavenly Father and pray for the destruction of all that is not of Heavenly Fathers will
which is written in your word the Holy Bible, let no man prosper nor his descendants exist for eternity, that choose evil, profit from evil, plot evil, undermine those
who are led by the Holy Spirit to lead those that proclaim Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior, Glory to God who is loving, kind, generous with knowledge, wisdom, upon those who desire to receive what was provide by our Lord and Saviors Sacrifice on the Cross Amen, Glory be to the Father, Glory Be to the Son Jesus Christ, Glory be to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning
and every shall be, Heavenly Father will be done in Heaven and on Earth Amen

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