Prayer for Gabriel Julien

Spiritual guidance and protection for Gabriel Julien, forever. Whatever that was unstraightened or harmful – may the lord’s hands straighten in atonement for him. May Gabriel Julien be shielded by those who wish, sought or caused him harm on journeys. May the Lord straighten out any incorrect behaviors, disharnonies & betrayal in his situations. May justice come righteously, and overnight for him. Give him light & strength for eternality. May God speak, heal & remove any ungodly things man has placed upon him & his loved ones. May Gabriel Julien be given the heir of justice & protection for all his loving ways.. My he forver remain blessed for his patience, kindness, love, understandings & humbleness. May he continue to watch over his wife, children, grandchildren, family, friends & those he touched. May he contiue to live on w/prosperousity & contentment. May his goodness be kept rich & pure as the lord commanded. May he live on greatly w/dignity & respect. May he comfort us in any dark hour, in our sicknesses during tribulations, worries & loneliness. Please help me lift up this prayer for security & protection. Thank you!!

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