Information please pray for information please pray for me pray for me I have a bad memory relationship for my brother biological brother this was after I introduced a lot why I love my boyfriend at the time into my friend my life my siblings relationships I probably shouldn’t have done that and I Repent of that but when I started having doing like bringing him along the house can’t even I don’t know how it happened I Repent of everything how for allowing it to happen but my brother started to have a significant other and throughout the years my boyfriend would still come over he’s not my boyfriend anymore but my brother got this rivalry Spirit too like we had never had any kind of sibling rivalry whatsoever that I remember maybe he went incident out of my lifespan and then I started to see him like be a little bit too aggressive with his what I thought was his fiance I really thought they were going to marry that’s what I prayed and hope for and I Repent of that too cuz I shouldn’t be hoping for that I should ask my brother and have those conversations but problem is that the significant other relationship that Southside my family I thought interfere with my relationship with my brother and my sister youngest sister so I just ask God for his wisdom and understanding and repentance and healing from this bad memory I have my brother oh my goodness and for this person to have some unforgiveness from this person who said I have post-traumatic stress disorder regardless of the case if I do or not he has no need to be pointing those things out on people so I need to be free from this and forgiveness and I pray never be around that person who caused the unforgiveness for pointing out such like horrible sin and somebody and just the way he said I found out he was trying to get from the insurance it’s not going to happen amen

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