Please pray for me I’m having I’m having trouble understanding a spouse I have many reasons to be thankful and I started my own homeschool and he seems to just come and come in and take my work for me I don’t like that that’s what gives me a sense of purpose and I need him to back off and respect my moral boundary line and also so that I can educate my children the way they are meant to be educated at home they miss out so much because of the lack of consideration from a male spouse and it’s all about him he gets very narcissistic eagle-centric I’m not sure sure what it is but it’s he starts to grab my papers and write them up and write on them or or he grabs he used to grab my personal legal document and take him away from me and then he got me into legal mess and then I’m having to find an attorney and get out of this legal mess that he got me and so I don’t want to work with him right now and just wanted to respect my work and back away for a while but the way he comes into the community he just drives around and he’s really it’s nonsense I Repent from helping him start a business so please if you ever consider that as starting a business for a spell don’t ever do it what did these is to good money good income which I really because he’s so like violent in a way and he gets so greedy he gets possessed he won’t let go of it and he’ll find a way to for me not to be involved in it so I don’t want an illegal problems so please pray the Lord’s peace always surround me with my children and I and I don’t want him to be about influence on my child so the way he drives around he just creeps in and he he makes it so simple right after I did a lot of the work and I still do a lot of work from home and in my community I do a lot of work and he hasn’t even given me my allowance or salary and he wears me out to morally because I’m always health benefits and he just takes intellectual property for me like my intelligence and I don’t like that I don’t like to be short-handed so please pray for me so that I can have peace and patient and be wise about what I do cuz he he really needs like he can’t come around me and my children I’m getting tired of him he just doesn’t know he doesn’t have that knowledge cuz he doesn’t have a good relationship with the Lord and he doesn’t want to have a good relationship in the marriage and he thinks this marriage is about him driving around with children and it’s not so now just need the Lord too just like I suggested the doctor he really needs to rehab they’re making it too easy for him and too simple when I’ve done a lot of work I haven’t received a good salary last year and you received $500 and that’s not a good salary for what I’m intended to receive and he already gets like two to three salaries and so do all those corrupt people with the colleges that’s enough of that so please pray for me to get my work going with income and to get this man away from me for a while cuz I really am serious about homeschooling my daughter and my children amen

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