Identity Fast

Hi – I’ve been walking with the Lord since around age 18, but only recently have I learned I have been religious, legalistic, and at times self righteous in my walk. I’m almost 57 now and I want to rid myself of all of that, the flesh, and learn to walk in God’s righteousness and my identity as a daughter. It’s been very hard to shift my thinking and as a result, I’ve felt led to go on an extended fast to draw nearer to God and die to self/flesh. That leading began last January 2021!! Since then I have attempted to fast and noticed that my flesh is getting stronger at times…then I give up the fast. Over and Over and Over this has happened. I’ve been reading the Bible and listening to teachings to help, as I still feel led to fast, humble myself, and submit to God. I’m planning to start again tomorrow and I’m praying so hard this time to make it 21 days. My heart and motives are as pure as I know how to make them and I am resolute to deny my flesh by the power of His Spirit and by walking in Truth and constant prayer. I just thought I’d reach out to ask for others to agree with me in prayer. I definitely believe God is birthing something in me through this process. I feel strongly that it has something to do with healings and evangelism etc (though that thought scares me, as I’ve been more of an introvert my whole life and speaking out is harder for me). Please pray that I can stay focused, have a single eye, and ears to hear the HS as He leads me through each day’s teachings, testings, or away from any temptations. I want to follow the Spirit and will be praying for the gifts of the HS to show up in my life, as I have only had limited experiences with speaking in tongues and other spiritual gifts and desire from my heart to be edified by Him and edify others in the power of the HS. Thank you for considering praying for me! <3  Grace and Peace.  – Teresa

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